'Play While You Wait' at St John's Medical Centre

St John's Medical Centre has launched a ‘Play While You Wait’ programme, which will help kids waiting with their families at the doctor to take their minds off things with a series of activities, led by the team from Tea Dance for Little People.

The programme was piloted in November and is funded by the Lewisham Central Ward Community First panel. It began in the February half term and will continue every Tuesday until the end of March.

Colin Stears, the Management Partner at St Johns Medical Centre said of the project:

"Visiting the GP can be quite daunting for children.  By working in conjunction with Tea Dance for Little People, we are trying to put them at ease whilst educating them at the same time. We hope all our patients will appreciate a brighter waiting room and the opportunity for our young patients to have specific activities to occupy their time whilst at St Johns"

The programme will be expanded to other surgeries in the Lewisham Ward, pending a successful second grant from the Community First panel.


Delaine Barker said...

TThanks for the explanation..... was there the other day and came out feeling rather miffed i never get invited to these kids play group things.

Looked around for signs to see if it was a special thing to no avail.

Nick if you know them please tell them to out a sign up (or bigger sign) so people know why they are walking into an episode of rainbow.... and that they too can join in... the!

CB said...

That's a nice idea - anything to make waiting in the usual rather miserable conditions less unpleasant. So what do they actually do?

Monkeyboy said...

Good surgery actually. Dr Parker is great as is the polish(?) chap.

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