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Darren from the Brockley Jack writes:

We are in the nominations again for The OffWestEnd Awards ('The Offies') and are currently in the top four theatres in the following categories:

  • Award for Most Welcoming Theatre
  • Award for Best Theatre Bar 
  • Award for Best Theatre Foodie Experience 

We're up against some stiff competition but thanks to the theatre's supporters and BC readers we managed to win an award two years ago. We would love to bring another award home to SE4 this year. Voting closes Thursday 14th Feb so act quick!

If people would like to help us, please click this link, scroll to the bottom, subscribe and vote. Thanks in advance!


bryan pope said...

hi nick  can you please put my snt watch meeing at the telbot pub tyrwhitt road on tuesday 26th feb 2013 at 7pm thanks nick

Matthewmarry said...

I assume the BJ Theatre food is not connected to the pub food then as both times I've eaten in the pub the service was very slow and of the usual pre-cooked fare. Certainly not desrving of any awards.

Tamsin said...

We had difficulties once too.  We arrived an hour before the show, bought drinks, and were then told it was too late to order anything to eat. 

Admittedly the kitchen were apparently short handed but the front-line staff were insistent that food orders had to be dealt with in the strict order in which they were taken, and we were too late by a few minutes for them to be able to guarantee service in time for the start of the show.  So we were stuck with either hanging around in an increasingly bad temper (and increasingly hungry) for over three quarters of an hour or abandoning our (slightly overpriced) drinks to go elsewhere and return. 

All that was needed was a little bit of applied common sense.  There was presumably a soup of the day which would have more than fitted the bill - and I can hardly believe that serving it and some bread would have so seriously impacted on the waiting times of those who had placed a order before us as to make such a compromise something that the staff would not even consider.

Must emphasise that this was only once and might have been exceptional circumstances - depleted kitchen staff and maybe temps on duty behind the bar who did not have the confidence to depart from procedures laid down - but it did totally mar the birthday celebration and as a result it will have to be a very good play to lure us back again.

Daniel Woods said...

food i had in there was absolutely shocking - didn't taste like a steak, didn't even look like a steak. cost about a tenner - would never eat there again.

Tamsin said...

That's a bit severe - could have been a one off.  Did you complain at the time?

It is very difficult indeed for the service industries when the British are too inhibited in public to venture a face to face criticism at the time when they encounter something not entirely to their liking or are failed in their expectations, but then publicly lambaste the unfortunate venue on blogs like this.

Went on-line to vote but then hit a quandary - there was also the Broadway, Greenwich Theatre and the London Theatre - who are in their own ways equally welcoming and equally deserving of support.  And I hadn't been to most of the other venues even in the South East, so how valid is my vote anyway.  In the end voted for the Broadway in the "most welcoming" category because the management there have been so totally accomodating whenever I've been involved in hiring them.

Did give the Brockley Jack my vote for best theatre bar, though.  The Broadway has no real bar at all so far as I am aware (unless it is the pop in downstairs) and I love the ambience in the Brockley Jack - those nice comfy sofas - (much nicer than the campus canteen effect of the Greenwich Theatre) and the fact that the bar is bigger than the theatre space so there is not the usual overcrowding! 

Anonymous said...

 Patronising much? Also pretty hypocritical - you may have missed your little rant one post earlier as well? Or is that public lambasting ok because you tried to caveat it with enough comments about it's probably a one-off/depleted staff, despite ending with the very similar message of "will have to be a very good play to lure us back again." vs "would never eat there again".

In terms of the pub food - it's a chain pub of Greene King doing their standard menu. The food is never going to be world beating, but from my personal experience as chain pub food goes, they do seem to do it better than most.

annon said...

I thought was about supporting our theatre!!

Sean said...

For your information the whole building is owned by Green King who rent out the theatre space. of course the food is the same

Sean said...

Why should theatre goers be given special treatment over other paying customers? if you had any common sence you would have booked a table like everyone else and been served a meal.

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