No Brockley MAX in 2013

The organisers of Brockley MAX, the (usually) annual arts festival, have announced that it will not take place this year, citing exhaustion on their part and lack of funding as the two main reasons for the decision. Hopefully this is like Glastonbury taking a year off to give the land a break. They say:

The board’s decision was based on two reasons. The Brockley Max organising team are exhausted after so many years of running an increasingly popular and complex festival. The board also felt that, given the size of Brockley Max, the festival is no longer sustainable without proper financial support.

Max Media Arts will take this year to explore ways to increase funding and to attract more volunteers. At this stage we would welcome more board members who have skills in fundraising, sponsorship and advertising. If you feel you could offer these skills, or would like to be kept updated, please get in touch via the contact form.

We also welcome your suggestions about what you’d like to see at Brockley Max 2014 and how you can raise money to enable them to happen.

An estimated 4000 people experienced Brockley Max in 2012 across more than 70 events. We’d like to thank everyone over the years who has volunteered, performed, organised events, sponsored, funded and attended the festival. Let’s hope it will be able to come back in 2014.