Petitou, Peckham Rye

63 Choumert Road

If you want a dose of mid-noughties era Brockley, Petitou combines the scruffy charm of Toads Mouth and the simple, delicious brunch menu of Moonbow Jakes

Hidden away in a picturesque spot off Bellenden Road, Petitou is friendly and unfussy. Our group had mackerel pate and pitta, roasted vegetable quiche and a couple of plates of crumpets. Everything, with the exception of the side salad (which was a little dry), was delicious, and the atmosphere was as unhurried as a little park cafe.


Jimwild1 said...

Does it have a back garden like the Toad's Mouth?

Heathbar said...

 No, just the front garden.  The menu is a bit samey, with they would change it.  Used to go there a lot.

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