Lewisham A&E:GPs "considering their positions"

Commissioning GP reports:

Seven GPs on the CCG board are said to be “considering their position” after it was announced last week that Jeremy Hunt had ignored their advice over the future of A&E services at Lewisham Hospital.

The walkout would be the first of its kind, and comes after months of protests which culminated last week with Mr Hunt announcing that the most seriously ill patients will now be taken to other hospitals in a bid to divert Government money from Lewisham, South-East London, to a neighbouring NHS Trust which is in danger of going bankrupt.

Dr Helen Tattersfield, chairwoman of Lewisham CCG, said, “There’s a view that if we on the CCG board can’t influence something as important as this then how can we expect to influence anything? It’s a definite option for people, including me, to stand down."

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Guest said...

...., so be it.

Dekanube said...

Some things are worth making a stand for. if i felt that powerless in my job then i would likely stand down too.

guest said...

Dr Helen Tattersfield is exactly right.  What is the purpose of these groups if he government is just going to ignore them.  It makes them look like window dressing, just like that nonsense 'consultation' document.

Good for you Helen - nothing against you personally but I hope you and others do resign.  We would respect you for it.

Shrievesy said...

I hope they stay and fight against these cuts and closures.
We need people who work in the NHS and those who needs its services , and the public in general to stand together if any success is to be acheived !

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