A step towards a step-free Brockley Station

Network Rail has applied for permission to install lifts at Brockley Station to provide step-free access at long-last. Council approval is a formality and this follows a similar application for Honor Oak station.

The deadline for step-free services is January 2014, but given the time it took to install a small bike shed, it'd be a good idea to get cracking now.


Monkeyboy said...

Just don't let Conways anywhere near it.

guest said...

Conway is already overwhelmed, the raised zebra crossing in Brockely cross has proven to be a stretch too far for the company.

Brockleyman said...

Conway is a private company and all the work they get is though contracts with the council. So why should Conway worry about the quality or time scale of work done. Their work is payed for by the council through the council tax we have to pay every month!
So Conway are in a win-win situation.

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