Brockley Cross: The Return of the Kings

Cyclist: So, uh, what's the worst part about being old, Alvin? 
Alvin Straight: Well, the worst part of being old is rememberin' when you was young 
- The Straight Story

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Work is due to restart on the Brockley Cross improvement project later this month.

You may remember this little scheme, a much-needed construction gig for Conway that involves tidying up one of the ugliest bits of the area by extending a few pavements, putting in some zebra crossings and making 100 yards of Geoffrey Road go one-way.

Work began nearly a year ago, in March 2012 and we watched in fascination as they pootled back and forth for about three months, managing to do about half the work before downing tools so that the Olympics need not be disrupted by their road closures.

The Olympics came and went, leaves fell and they eventually returned in November, determined to finish the job. The work done in this second phase seems mainly to have involved re-doing the work to the mini-roundabout that they'd done previously and installing a few lights we have remained dark ever since. Having made this progress, Christmas intervened and then the snow came. Some of Conway's trademark pavement clutter got parked in the area, but no work was possible.

Now, the Council confirms that the third episode in this epic trilogy is due to begin. They say:

The new illuminated traffic signs and signposts, which will enable one-way working in Geoffrey Road, should be in place by the middle of next week. We will then construct a traffic island at the mouth of Geoffrey Road, where it meets Brockley Cross. That shouldn't take us more than a couple of days. It’ll then be ready for resurfacing to take place. 

We have made provisional arrangements with Conway's to come on site during the third week of February. Once the resurfacing is complete, we will be able to mark-up the new zebra crossing and open it to pedestrians.