Spare Places in Brockley

Spare Place is a new website designed to help maximise local shop occupancy by helping connect people with empty shops with those in need of space. It can be very tricky finding suitable space in a place like Brockley, or even identifying the landlords responsible for certain properties, so anything that can help improve the market is welcome.

Currently, there is a big hole in the map where SE4 is, so local landlords, please get filling.

The project is run by the Empty Shops Network

With thanks to Thom for sharing it with us.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a good starting point would be to create a list in this thread:

Toes Ask on Brockley Cross  (believed to be owned by Network Rail)

The former site of Nats Bake and Juice on Brockley Cross (empty since a drugs raid)

The former site of Tea Dance for Little People (Tea Factory)

Brockley Nick said...

There are several in Brockley Cross, including the former electronics shop and the former dry cleaners.

Dekanube said...

What is toes ask?

Brockleyman said...

Also an empty shop behind B & M second hand motors.

Brockleyman said...

Dekanube:Its Graffiti! Means nothing.
But when shop is redeveloped hope they dont hack off the green victorian tiles on the outside of the shop!

Anonymous said...

 I'm all for preservation of nice buildings/features etc. but those specific green Victorian tiles are really ugly. There are some things that are worth moving on from.

Those are not exactly a great example and it's unlikely a future shopkeeper will want to have their shop looking like that on the exterior.

Brockleyman said...

Anonymous: We are supose to preserve the area. Is the shop not in the Conservation Area? They might not be to your liking, but they should be kept!

Anonymous said...

 Yes it is in the Conservation Area, but why are those tiles relevant to that? Who says they should be preserved as a result - where do you stop the "we must preserve bit"? Is a nice wooden sign to be preserved, or the weird shop front of Villa Toscana to be preserved for it's unique qualities? When is a previous shopkeepers design work suitably impressive? These tiles aren't an impressive example to preserve. Isn't the MOT centre in the conservation area, yet the murals, which would be better to preserve in my opinion, don't have to be preserved. Tiles at the Walpole, yes they are a good example, these are not.

I would rather preserve a busy high street than some tiles, that may put off future tenants and jeapordise their business (as the shop front will not be as attractive as they'd want, and people do pay attention to this and it would make it harder to attract new customers). I think most people would prefer and open shop with no tiles, than a closed shop with tiles.

Lady Bockley said...

Would love to know whom the landlord is for that little shop

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