Brockley is the new Chelsea

Brockley now has its own boot.

Jigsaw is selling the Brockley Nubuck Ankle Boot, named after SE4 by a Brockley-loving employee, rather than because they are fashioned from badger-hide.

Like the place that inspired it, the boot is:

"Timeless and versatile [and] effortlessly cool."

Jigsaw also claims that it works best with a pair of skinny jeans, which can be no coincidence.

Thanks to Fabhat for the tip-off.


roysavage said...

maybe should try using a tan leather, smooth. Zip at the back of the heel would do the trick.

Tim Chaplin said...

Oh you have a womans shoes.

Monkeyboy said...

Just when Lou moves to The Kings Road. He'll be gutted

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