Fake piano maker needed

Darren from the Brockley Jack Theatre writes:

I am producing the Off West End premiere of the musical Love Story at the Brockley Jack Theatre this Autumn with my own company. We would like to design a unit that when assembled looks like a grand piano, but that can be easily dismantled and its pieces used to create all of the scenic locations in the show.

We are looking for something similar to the photograph, but that is made out of five free-standing moveable pieces. One piece would house the keyboard, pedal, power supply and potentially be attached to a piano stool. Two pieces would be rectangular, so they could be separated out to become a dining table or placed together for a bed, and two pieces would create the curved portion of the grand and be used as smaller café tables or desks. We are looking for someone to work with the director to design and build the unit.

Maybe a local carpenter, furniture maker or design student. Please contact me darren@languagelaidbare.co.uk if you are able to help and for more details.