Occupy Honor Oak

Super Hans: I've been down enough bloody City Boy chain pubs with their logos in the foam and disinfectant in the lager, air freshener in the mayo. Nah, I wanna run a place that makes a difference. 
Jeremy: Well, I'm sure we can sort that out somehow. Let's start by getting rid of this. 
Super Hans: That stays. That's the reason I fell in love with this place. 
Jeremy: You want a washing machine in the pub? 
Super Hans: It'll freak 'em out! What the fuck's a washing machine doing in a pub? Jesus, I need a drink. Yeah? And boom, they'll have to have one of our organic scrumpies.
- Peep Show

The sorry saga of the Honor Oak pub continues. Having allowed a much-loved pub to be run down and eventually to close, Punch Taverns now find themselves with squatters on their hands. Thanks to @sarcasticfringe for the photo: