Sunken Master

Lucy writes:

I go to a really brilliant adult/teenager swimming lesson down at St Dunstan's school pool on Mondays at 8.15-9.15pm.

The coach is an ex Olympic guy and he's amazing. The class is quiet as they have changed venue and lost some swimmers. I just wanted to help them try and get more people as they are really lovely as well as being good!

If people like the sound of that, their website is for more information.


AliAfro said...

Sounds great but the website isnt very clear on costs - looks like you pay a club membership fee but do you then pay per visit to the venue and per visit for the coaching?

Margrett said...

Hi everyone. Margrett from here. Fees are £5.50/7.50 per session for kids/adults or you can pay per month. Krys will work with you on fitness/triathlete goals in a supportive and friendly environment. Hope to see you

David said...

Hmmm website for the swim club not accessible without flash so no ipad love.

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