Lewisham Deptford selection process clean

Back in July, Unite's manipulation of the Labour Party's parliamentary selection process looked like it would become a much bigger political storm than eventually materialised and when Lewisham Deptford candidate Vicky Foxcroft got dragged into the story, we predicted it would be an issue which dragged on. However, we were wrong. East London Lines reports:

A Met Police investigation into the selection of a Unite official as the Labour candidate for the Lewisham Deptford seat in the 2015 election has found no evidence of malpractice.

Vicky Foxcroft was chosen by Labour in May as the replacement for veteran MP Joan Ruddock who is retiring at the end of this Parliamentary term. She is currently a councillor for Brockley.

The selection of Foxcroft, a Unite representative for high street bank workers, was referred to the police by the Conservative party following revelations of Unite’s influence on the selection process for the Falkirk seat.


Steve of Weave said...

Disgusting that the Tories wasted police time for this partisan act

Dermot said...

It was a fellow prospective Labour candidate who first aired the allegations, not the Tories (although they then ran with it)

Mark said...

what is partisan, is that the electorate in effect do not get to choose their MP. This is such a safe seat in reality a small group of Labour/Union members choose our MP. On top of which it was all women's shortlist. Not against that in principle, but just compounds the situation. in these circumstances we should have a 'primary election' to select candidates.

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