Lewisham and Greenwich create new NHS Trust

A new Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust will be formed on 1 October 2013. The Trust will be responsible for Lewisham Hospital and community services in Lewisham, and for Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Greenwich.

Lewisham Healthcare says:

Services are not changing following the merger, and patient appointments are unaffected. Lewisham Healthcare and Queen Elizabeth Hospital serve similar communities, and have much in common in terms of what we do. As a larger organisation, the Trust will be better placed to meet the challenges of the future. Our focus will be on learning from best practice in Lewisham and Greenwich to improve NHS services for local people.

Following the merger Lewisham Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital will continue to provide the same services. We will also continue to run community services in Lewisham, and to provide some services at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup. If you receive treatment at Lewisham Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital or Queen Mary’s Hospital, it will not be affected by the organisational change.

All services at Lewisham Hospital – including for maternity and emergency care – are running as normal. In July 2013, Government plans to downgrade Lewisham’s emergency and maternity services in two to three years’ time were overturned by the High Court, following a legal challenge by Lewisham Council and the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign. The Department of Health is appealing this decision, and you will be able to find out more on this website as it happens. The judicial review and appeal do not affect the formation of the new Trust, as there is clear distinction between service change and organisational change.

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Max Calò said...

Not a word about finances?

condone policy moi? said...

This move just feels suspicious. Maybe there are sound management reasons but the timing is only going to fuel the discussion. It would better surely to wait until after the local community had chance to consider the implications of this change in light of the Judicial Review.

Tamsin said...

You don't merge two large hospitals overnight. This was being discussed months and months ago and, as far as I can recall without checking the documents again, was effectively the basis of the Lewisham Hospital Trust's alternative to Kershaw's recommendations.
Lewisham Hospital would have preferred to continue as an independent Foundation Trust but were categorically informed that they were too small to do so. They have to be part of a Foundation Trust by (I think) 2016 (a deadline already postponed by the Government in carrying through this general NHS reorganisation) and the choice was merge with the QE in a manner of your own choosing or stick tight and have bits and pieces of the services picked off by surrounding Trusts.

George Hallam said...

The new trust will take over QEH’s PFI contracts. This year the
unitary payment entailed by these contracts is £29.2 million.

The Government has generously offered give some relief by
making an annual grant to support for these charges. This year it will be £12.2 million, leaving the Trust to find the other £17 million.

However, the PFI burden is not going to diminish over time.
On the contrary it will increase. The Government’s own figures show that over the next 16 years PFI charges will grow at an average rate of 4.7 per cent per year.

Unfortunately, as things stand, after 2015 government help
with the burden will be frozen at £13.3 million. Consequently the burden of unsupported PFI charges the new Trust will inherit from QEH will grow an average rate of 6.7 percent.

Savings (or extra income) needed

In cash terms the unsupported PFI burden will grow from 17
million this year to 20 million in 2016-17, to 25 million in 2019-20. By
2029-30 it will be an extra 47.7 million in. This means that just to remain solvent the new Trust will have to make “savings” of millions of pounds every single year. The only way of avoiding these will be to increase income by expanding provision for private patients. Inevitably, a point will be reached were the only way of making ends meet will be through the same sort of savage cuts, such as the closure of whole departments, that the Special Administrator has sought to impose. The difference will be that such cuts will be an internal matter for the Trust and so not something we can challenge through a Judicial

Year PFIcost Govt_sub Gap

2013-14 29.2 12.2 17

2014-15 30.6 12.2 18.4

2015-16 32 13.6 18.4

2016-17 33.6 13.6 20

2017-18 35.1 13.6 21.5

2018-19 36.8 13.6 23.2

2019-20 38.6 13.6 25

2020-21 40.4 13.6 26.8

2021-22 42.3 13.6 28.7

2022-23 44.3 13.6 30.7

2023-24 46.4 13.6 32.8

2024-25 48.6 13.6 35

2025-26 51 13.6 37.4

2026-27 53.4 13.6 39.8

2027-28 55.9 13.6 42.3

2028-29 58.6 13.6 45

2029-30 61.3 13.6 47.7

Brockley Nick said...

Thanks George. Do you have a link through to some or all of these sources please?

Mark said...

Does seem to make the Judical review "victory" a bit hallow then. Because the implications are that some of those cuts will be back on the table. This time put forward by the local Trust and not Mr Hunt. Do not hope the Labour will get the new Trust out of the hole it itself created. Notice that Andy Burnham has been quite recently, that because he has told his backbenchers that he will support local reconfiguration of services and closures where they are needed.

PeoplesAssemblySEL said...

This saturday, 6 September, The People's March for the NHS reaches London after a 300 mile march through the country.

The threats to the NHS as so many of understand it, are many, George Hallam comment's above, offer one example. The NHS is not being funded properly, which leaves people disappointed by care and then nudged into thinking privatisation is the answer.

There seems to be a belief by the political class that people will kick up a little fuss, but ultimately go with the flow on with things.

If this rally can get a large number of people attending, from all across the cultural spectrum, then they'll think harder about the choices & direction they are leading the NHS to.
2.00 Red Lion Square WC1R
3.30 Trafalgar Square rally

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