The 2013 Brockley Front Garden Sale

The first ever Brockley Front Garden sale is tomorrow, 11am-4pm.

More than 50 houses are taking part. You can see the full list of gardens on the BrocSoc website and look out for bunting and balloons indicating participating houses (or children's birthday parties you might want to crash).


Brockley Jon said...

Can I just say I think this is a fab idea!

Robert said...

Heads up. 60 Geoffrey Road - I'm out here right now selling books and my CD collection cheap! Fresh lemonade and cakes coming up shortly too.

soukpoop popo said...

Ha ha!
Pill, Pill I love thee still
Even though I'm leavin'
Pill, Pill I love thee still
When the ferry boat starts heavin'

Fabhat said...

It was a great day - we sold lots of unwanted bits and bobs and met lots of nice neighbours and passersby. Definitely well worth doing again. The only complaint I heard was how spread out it was, but then that's the nature of an area wide sale.

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