Brockley Market's 2nd Birthday Party

Toby from Brockley Market writes:

Its our second Birthday this Saturday - hope you can join us all. We will be having live music and special treats....

Some of the Street food vendors will be doing some one off specials and Flavours of Spain will be carving a whole leg of Ibérico ham, Ruby Violet ice cream will be making a couple of celebration flavours and of course there will be cake!

We will be having a special guest spot from Street food favourites 'Yum Bun' & 'The Bowler' as well as 'Luardos' joining us for there Autumn and Winter stint along with market regulars 'Spit & Roast' 'Mike & Ollie' 'Mother Flipper' 'Feishmob' 'Tongue & Cheek' 'Good & Proper Tea' 'Hix Fish Dogs'.

As well as fresh seasonal produce and weekend treats from 'Astons Bakery' 'The Butchury' 'Cinamon Tree Bakery' Coocoo Box Chilies' 'Dark Fluid Coffee' 'Foss Meadows' 'Flavours Of Spain' 'Veasey & Sons Fishmongers' 'Hartland Pies' 'Hook & Sons Dairy' 'Jacobs Ladder' 'Kooky Bakes' 'Mr Lawrence Wine Merchants' 'Hatch Park Game' 'Little Greenwich Smokery' 'Miss Stoneham's Preserves' 'Moons Green Charcuterie' 'Norbiton Cheese' 'Olive Branch' 'Perry Court Organic Farm' 'Ruby Violet Ice-cream' 'The Honest Carrot' 'Pasta Grazia' 'Vadasz Deli' 'Wild Country Organics'.

Saturday 21st September:  10am - 2.00pm.


catface said...

Will the gluten-free bakery stall be there? If not, does any of the above do lovely gluten-free stuff? The last two times I have been all the treats have had wheat, gutted :(

RB said...

Maybe it's "honest fare" only now?

cloudbaby said...

Hi Brockley Market, will the "occasional stall at Brockley Market" as
quoted on the save lewisham campaign website, be there? As I want to buy
tickets for the Rivoli ballrooom fundraiser on Friday 27 September and
yours is the only vendor listed as selling them in Brockley. If anyone
else knows please say. Thank you in advance.

daniel said...

i'm glad you mentioned this, because i've asked nick to publicise this, but he doesn't seem to want to. which i suppose, is not surprising as when i asked him to publicise the question time protest he was unresponsive. i posted in comments that i had asked and he had chosen not to, and within an hour he then put the story up. so hopefully this will have the same effect. you could try tweeting them , or writing/messaging on their fb page . if not you could call this no. 020 8690 7869. for anyone else interested in supporting the rivoli fundraiser, info can be found here - hopefully nick will give it top billing on the main page so it gets the exposure it deserves. a great cause, and a great venue.

daniel said...

that's fair enough, my mistake. the comment still stands about the qt protest though by the way.

but you could have simply responded to the email i sent this morning. i only got a reaction when i put this comment up.

i don't think we should get into a debate about facticity. presumption is the foundation of ignorance as i have proved in this mistake, but from what i see on this blog, you presume much.

the event could still do with a plug nearer the time. that post was on the 2nd, when the event is on the 27th.

Brockley Nick said...

Daniel, as you have already noted, I have a job. I am not checking my email account constantly. Likewise, the QT issue. Guess what - I was busy and didn't instantly spring into action. A simple apology from you will suffice.

daniel said...

sometimes there is a lag in emails.

the qt issue? quite a few stories, and comments went up throughout that day from yourself in the time so you were active.

if i make a mistake, i accept it, and move on. that will suffice.

no point in denying something when you know your wrong. ahem.

Brockley Nick said...

For the love of god man, I don't owe you an explanation about why I was not quite quick enough for your liking in relation to the QT protest. Maybe I had but had other stories that needed posting too. Maybe I hadn't got around to reading your email.Who knows? I have no intention of doing a time-and-motion study for your benefit - I reply to members of my family slower than you expect me to reply to you.

I gave the issue (and the hospital issue in general) massive and sustained coverage. I live-blogged the whole show!

Congratulations on derailing another thread.

Honest Fairy said...

Here here

Nothing wrong with an honest, traditional and gluten rich cake

justalocalhonestguy said...


Daniel said...

You delete my reply, but leave your own up in order to give yourself the last word. How pathetic.

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