Brockley Social 3

Jayne writes:

We are three neighbours trying to get to know more people locally. We have already arranged two social events.

Tuesday 8th Oct we are meeting at The Talbot pub, 2 Tyrwhitt Road for their quiz night. We are going to get there at 7pm for a meal. You can join us at 7pm for food, or come nearer 8pm for drinks. The quiz starts around 8:30pm. There may be a maximum number for quiz teams so if there's quite a few of us we may need to split into two groups.

We'll have a pink umbrella on our table so you can find us. It will be folded up as I dont think the venue will appreciate us having it open!

Brockley has many nice places to eat and drink and we plan to arrange some more meetings in the future.

You can email or just turn up and join us.


quizhater said...

Quizzes usually mean the conversation stops, the pub goes into silent concentration and whispers as teams rack their brains for answers to inane questions about a random assortment of trivia. It would be a shame an evening of social chat to be interrupted by this sort of tiresome ritual.

Warren Andrews said...

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