2015 Predictions - Kaiseki

These are BC's predictions for 2015. In order to discount them, click here to see how our 2014 predictions fared.


Brockley Cross is not the new Lewisham Way. Last year, we said the new Meze Mangal would give Lewisham Way a wider lift. We were wrong. This time, we think The Brockley Deli will deliver a fillip to the Cross. There is a vacant unit ready to occupy and another that is currently being refurbished. Much depends on the Council standing strong against developers who want to replace Birds Dress Agency with flats and turn the car forecourt carbuncle into something worse.


Last year's "restaurant" prediction flopped, but we're doubling down. More space is coming on stream and we suspect at least one of the area's existing restaurateurs is ready to give up the ghost and free up a restaurant unit for someone with a clue. Two new restaurants in 2015.


Everyone wants it. There are lots of nearby alternatives. It's probably not going to happen, but what the hell - 2015 will be the year that Brockley gets a gym. That requires something substantial to get built or refurbished - the sorting office is probably still vulnerable to the Royal Mail's modernisation plans. Alternatively, perhaps Ladywell Baths could accommodate something. This is our outside bet for 2015.


As predictions go, this is an empty vessel, into which we expect exotica to be poured. Last year, we got #ModelMarket in Lewisham. This year, someone's already plotting a late night coffee and tea bar in Deptford. So we're predicting that something other than the usual bar / cafe / shop / restaurant / salon will be opened in Brockley. Something strange and wonderful.


With all the big stuff being flung up in 2014, we can expect more of the same this year. This means the completion of the West Side story, as some version of this beast on Mantle Road gets underway. This side of Brockley Station deserves something decent to be built. The precedents aren't promising.


Westsider said...

Any update when the new Mantle Road restaurant (i.e. the current Broca shop) will start work? I've got my fingers crossed for a Japanese restaurant!

Brockley Nick said...

Funnily enough, I got an email from them yesterday. More soon, but fair to say it is still WIP.

Brockley Banker said...

I heard from someone close to the development that this will be the best thing to hit Brockley in a long time. They wouldn't give more details, but promised me its worth the wait.
Also, any news on the "Beast" you mention. There are a lot of skips assembled in situ, guessing for when the foundations are starting to be dug. - Do you know what it will look like yet, please something more tasteful that previously advertised.

terrencetrentderby said...

They don't know what it's going to be yet?

Aricana said...

Any news on where the Broca food market will move to? I've been hoping that they will stay on the westside. Maybe move into the new commercial premises on Mantle Road by the zebra crossing? No insider knowledge just want it to be so.

Jenny Talwarts said...

It's permitted

Damian said...

Thanks. Poor decision, shame

Woman of Brockley said...

A member of their staff told me a couple of months ago that they didn't currently have any plans to open another food shop. He said they would be selling a few things from the Broca by the station.

Gu Est said...

Someone should measure the gravitational field in Brockley, it may explain the time dilation we experince.

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