Violent crime rise bucks Lewisham's downward crime trend

Crime in Lewisham in 2014. Left: All. Right: Violence Against the Person
Total recorded crime in Lewisham fell by nearly 10% during 2014 compared with 2013, although within that total, crimes involving Violence Against the Person rose by nearly 10%.

Figures from the Met Police show the annual crime count for the borough fell from 24,733 to 22,313, while violent crime rose from 5,765 to 6,324. This included a sharp jump in the most serious violent crimes, which more than doubled from 325 to 739.

This pattern was mirrored in Brockley ward, which enjoyed a 13% drop in total recorded crime, but a 21% increase in violent crime. Of the wards covered by the Brockley area, Ladywell saw a fall of total recorded crime from 997 to 843 (violent crime up 220 to 238), Telegraph Hill fell from 1154 to 989 (240 to 248) and Crofton Park fell from 1003 to 858 (down from 219 to 206).

Crime in Lewisham has been falling for years, in line with the overall trend for the capital. The rise in violent crime, which is partly affected by the way figures are recorded, is a worrying reversal of recent improvements.

Lewisham is ranked "average" in terms of its overall crime rate, relative to the rest of London.

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