Lewisham: It's been emotional

Ned Flanders: How about it, Homer? Will you teach me the secret of your intoxicating lust for life?
- The Simpsons

Greater Brockley is stuffed full of self-centred, emotionally unstable, thrill-seekers according to a team of international researchers, who examined 56,000 Londoners who took part in the BBC's Big Personality Test between 2009 and 2011 to create a psychographic map of the capital.

Lewisham is among the most emotionally volatile boroughs, as anyone perusing the pages of Brockley Central might be inclined to agree.

The most important and least surprising finding was that there is a sharp temperamental divide between inner and outer London, providing more evidence that there are essentially two Londons. Inner London is populated by extroverts who crave experience and enjoy diversity and outer London is inhabited by Ned Flanderses - more agreeable and conscientious than we Homer Simpsons.

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