Bez, Nige and the real Brockley connection

Brockley, famous for the hard-headed pragmatism of its fringe party activists, has been revealed as the registered home of the mysterious Realists Party, which has come into conflict with the former Happy Mondays hype man Bez, who is attempting to stand as a Parliamentary candidate for the soundalike Reality Party.

The Independent, reports that the Electoral Commission has ruled that Bez's party sounds too much like the Realists Party:

The only available details about The Realists’ Party are that it registered in February 2012, it is based in Brockley, London, that its leader is Ms Jane Lawrence and it has a Treasurer and Nominating Officer...

The two other Reality Party candidates are Nigel Askew, a pub landlord in Ramsgate, Kent, is standing in South Thanet where Ukip leader Nigel Farage hopes to become an MP, and Jackie Anderson, who is listed as the ‘west Salford and Eccles’ candidate, although the constituency does not exist anymore.

Click here to learn (not much) more about The Reality Party, but better still, if you are involved with The Realists Party, please tell us about the Brockley connection. Thanks to Patrick for the heads-up and for putting us straight on the details of the story.


lu said...

It's not the Brockley Reality Party it's the Party of Brockley Realists... etc etc

Bez once offered me a swig from his hip flask at Glastonbury. Very warming it was too. I didn't quite realise it was him till later and there he was on stage moon- facing about in Bez's Acid House tent.

Sue L said...

Jane used to be in the Green Party, then joined the Tories, then left them and decided to start her own party. This is the first I've heard that she has actually done so.

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