London Assembly Committee backs Bakerloo Line extension

The Transport Committee of the London Assembly has announced its support for the Bakerloo Line extension to South East London, but has shamelessly copped out of backing one of the proposed routes (the Old Kent Road) over the other (Camberwell).

The letter, which you can read here, argues that whichever route is chosen, the loser should get some form of compensation (they specifically say they are not asking for compensation, but that's exactly what they are doing) in terms of alternative connections. The fact that they suggest reopening the Camberwell Thameslink station suggests they think the OKR route will be chosen.

So, another little step forward for the Bakerloo project, more momentum and more fence-sitting from politicians with one eye on the upcoming London election.

Monkeyboy, who sent us this news and who is something of a railways expert, reckons Crossrail 2 will get built before the Bakerloo. Brockley Central, who knows nothing about nothing, reckons that the Bakerloo extension will get built first. Who will win? Come back in 20 years to find out.