Ladywell CPZ to get bigger

Ladywell will get an expanded Controlled Parking Zone, following a public consultation by Lewisham Council, which concluded recently.

The zone will be expanded to Algiers Road, Ermine Road, Ladycroft Road, Shell Road, Veda Road and Vicars Hill, after a majority of respondents (63%) living on those streets said yes. A second consultation about the creation of an even bigger Ladywell CPZ produced a majority no (59%) vote.

Lewisham Council says:

Overall, the introduction of a new parking zone across the whole study area is not supported. However, we have analysed the data in greater detail which shows that there is clear support from streets to the west of the existing Ladywell (T) parking zone and therefore a CPZ extension has been approved for that area.

The voting results mean that those adversely affected by the creation of the original Ladywell CPZ have chosen to opt in, rather than put up with the overflow of cars that resulted from the introduction of parking controls on neighbouring streets. Those unaffected by these problems would rather have no CPZ at all, which suggests if the first one hadn't been created in the first place, gross local happiness would have been higher.

In a few years time, if the streets that voted no find themselves having to put up with problems created by the larger CPZ, Lewisham can just put it to another vote. So it goes.

The new CPZ will come into effect in the autumn. Thanks to Glenn for the info.