The HopCroft Twitter Walk, January 31st

The HopCroft Neighbourhood Forum is the group creating a neighbourhood area strategy for Honor Oak and Crofton Park.

Straddling two postcodes, it's an area that has more to do with ward boundaries than people's daily lives, so pulling together a coherent plan for both areas is going to take some work. One of their first orders of business is to map the areas and educate people about the issues. They write:

This is the first of our "get to know your neighbourhood" walks. We will walk through the different parts of our neighbourhood, and hopefully discover new spaces which we don't often visit. We'll snap some pics and tweet them along with our views on what we discover. Our tweets will appear in real time on our online map. 

The idea is to provoke discussion about the issues, as well as the things we love about our neighbourhood. We've teamed up with Stickyworld to set up an online forum where our tweets and views will be posted. This online map is for everyone living and working in the Crofton and Honor Oak Park Neighbourhood Area to come together and discuss openly how they'd like to see the Neighbourhood Develop.

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