The Rivoli relocates to Walford

Stock Character 1: It's hardly the Rivoli is it?
Stock Character 2: Is the Rivoli still there?
- EastEnders

Last year, the BBC promised to gentrify Albert Square, to reflect the changing face of modern London. Last night, the first fruits of this strategy began to emerge, when Brockley's Rivoli Ballroom got a namecheck - its majesty held up in contrast to the abject party taking place in Walford.

Bring back real Walford! EastEnders hasn't been the same since the arrival of the East London Line.

It's 24 mins in, if you're interested.


Crofty said...

Almost had heart attack when I read that headline. Panic-stricken brain forgot entirely that Walford does not exist. Geez.

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