Telegraph Hill fireworks

For future reference. We regularly get asked about the best locations from which to watch the NYE fireworks and our recommendation is to head up to Telegraph Hill, where the views and the company are both great. Kai has captured this year's display in this time-lapse video.


Tamsin said...

And good music - all for free - in the Hill Station that evening.
Nice photos posted on the Telegraph Hill Noticeboard Facebook group.
But please, for future reference, if you set off those party poppers in the park put the plastic containers in your pocket - tedious to pick up out of the mud the following day!
And, to put another downer on it, I am always rather worried by people setting off their own fireworks - even in the flat bit beyond the benches away from the crowds on the top of the slope. I feel that it's an accident waiting to happen - just needs one to topple over slightly as it is set off.

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