The Beer Shop London, 40 Nunhead Green

During our 2014 round-up, we got very excited about the stream of positive local booze stories that the year produced. It was remiss of us not to mention a new micro-pub that just opened in Nunhead - The Beer Shop London at 40 Nunhead Green.

It opened over the Christmas period, stocks an excellent selection of locally-brewed beers, including Brockley's own, and our Nunhead correspondent says that it's tiny, friendly and good value - though despite the name, it's easy to go in and not realise that it's actually a shop as well as a pub.

To visit their website, click here. For more about the idea behind the pub, visit The Peckham Peculiar, who've already nabbed the best headline.


Headhunter said...

I went there just before Christmas. They're very friendly and stock a massive selection of locally brewed beers from all over London. It's all bottled though, not on tap. Would recommend it though and the guy was very knowledgable, explained the background of Kernel Beers and how they select their hops etc...

Mike said...

Not all bottles - they do 3 ales from cask as well as a cider I think. Reasonable prices too on the cask.

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