Bridge House Begins

While the east side of Brockley Station is being torn up to create the first phase of the Brockley Common project, the west side is being torn down as the development of Bridge House finally gets underway.

Scaffolding has crept up the walls, preparing the way for the building to be dismantled.

Bridge House will be similar in scale to the Tea Factory redevelopment and is one of the most signficant development opportunities in Brockley. The building will add a bit of life at street level and the development should improve the access corridor on the west side of the station, which many people find intimidating at night.

The planning application describes the project as:

"The demolition of the existing building at Bridge House 4 Mantle Road SE4 and the construction of a five storey block, incorporating balconies/terraces, comprising 356 m² commercial floor space (Use Classes A1, A2 and/or B1) on the ground floor and 16 one bedroom, 17 two bedroom self-contained flats and 1 three bedroom self-contained maisonette above, together with refuse and cycle storage."

Lewisham Council today confirmed that the construction programme has begun.


Anonymous said...

Will this mean people can access the other platform without having to go over the sodding bridge?!

Brockley Nick said...

Ummm, no, I don't think so - that problem will need to be addressed by the station redevelopment. But I think the alley will be better lit and less narrow.

Anonymous said...

Not in my back yard.

Anonymous said...

anything has got to be better than the building that currently sits there.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the plans it appears that the buidlig overhangs the alleyway - I hope this isn't going to be as intimidating as it is now.

Anonymous said...

I see the pedestrian bridge is due to be closed for ten weeks from today for "ramp construction". I'm hoping that this means they'll be making Brockley station wheelchair accessible, and thus providing an access to platform 1 from the west side.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Catman mentioned a while ago that this application had been thrown out - on the basis of the design of the building. Obviously not then.

Anonymous said...

This image makes it appear that there is no alley way there at all!

Anonymous said...

What's the consensus on this building?

The Cat Man said...

The original application was thrown out and they had to re-submit from what I remember. I and several other residents west-side objected to it.

however, I do note that the height is no higher than the present brick wall surrounding the sight.

The pathway on Mantle Road will be double the width that it is presently.

There is NO overhang on to the bridge, actually, the alleyway between the building and the footbridge will increase.

On a seperate note, I have in my possession a £500 cheque payable to the Brockley Cross Action Group, does anyone know if the council will match private funding for the charity?

The Cat Man said...

I should add it is from my employer not me.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Glad the alleyway and path on mantle road will widen - that's a definite improvement.

A said...

It looks like a pile of shipping containers.

The Oracle said...

Wood, they do your door,
The cross doth stand,
Soon no more,
Big development,
But hush now,

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