The Brockley Housing Market Redux

"Check out Brockley Central for a test case in how a group of committed local people can start to catalyse change and deal with corruption at street-level, not on a “us versus them” level which sanctifies professional journalists at the expense of narratives that actually matter to people."
- Lloyd Shepherd, Head of Future Media Solutions, Channel 4

It's very kind of Lloyd to say so, and we hope we do make a useful contribution to local issues, but there is a time for rigorous analysis of local government policy and there is a time to talk indulge BC readers' other favourite hobby; talking about house prices.

BC regular Headhunter's been stoking the flames on the Suggest a Topic topic thread, but given how long that has become, we have decided to create a new one, to give those who wish to discuss housing market theories the opportunity here. This is what everyone's favourite Dutch-impressionist had to say:

"One of my neighbours on Manor Avenue sold his flat within 40 hours of it going on the market! There was an article on the ES website yesterday saying that th property market is picking up slightly with historically low interest rates."