Crofton Park Spring

Reader Anna sent us some photos she'd taken from her flat to celebrate the first day of spring in Brockley. Here's one.

Now Brockley Central doesn't need any excuse to publish a picture of blossom, but there are a couple of other things to be said about this photo. Note how the pavement is smooth and flat, how the tree helps to break up the monotony of the streetscape and how handsome the bench is. Note also how uncluttered this scene is by signs, paint markings or other assorted civic bumf. The businesses don't block their windows with security shutters and the cars don't hump the pavement.

It is no coincidence that Crofton Park is the most successful stretch of Brockley Road - it is a great environment for people and for businesses which depend on people wanting to spend time there.

One day, all of Brockley will have public spaces like this. Then spring will truly have sprung.

With thanks to Anna.