Brockley: Food of the Reality TV Gods

Our two greatest passions are Brockley and reality television. With The Apprentice due to return shortly, Wednesday nights will become a dead zone in terms of BC updates. BC Twitter, on the other hand, will go in to meltdown.

But what if this conflict could be resolved by somehow merging these two things - if someone could make a reality show starring SE4. Wouldn't that be the best thing ever? Yes, it would.

Well, according to the brilliant Fabhat, this perfect storm is heading our way soon. She writes:

Thought you might like to know that the 1.65 mill house on Wickham Road hasn't been bought (by Hugh), but is being used for a BBC reality TV show.

For the last few weeks streams of trendy student types have been in and out of there filming each others every move. We though it must just be some wealthy Goldsmiths student degree film, except for the legions of Toyota Prius taxis waiting outside for hours - too many even for a rich student's budget.

Anyway today we had a BBC researcher knock on the door and ask if we minded if one of these kids knocked on the door and offered to do some cleaning for us, as they're all on a budget and need to earn some cash. Sadly, we had to turn down the offer from "Seano" the domestic cleaner to come and help out.

Will keep you updated - what I really want to see is a Brockley Come Dine With Me - mung beans and fried chicken surely?

So it seems we can look forward to "Seano" joining the likes of Richard Newman, Lee Mead and that guy who bought a Brockley flat and moved to the east coast on Location, Location, Location in the Pantheon of Brockley's reality TV gods.