Brockley Station - Wish List for TfL

As we reported here, the Brockley Cross Action Group has been asked to submit its wish list of improvements that it would like to see at Brockley Station once TfL takes control of the site in September 2009.

Here's the list they've submitted - Stuart from the group has explained that if there are any good ideas that BC readers would like to suggest, it may be possible to submit a supplementary letter:

Key Improvements - General

  1. Safe and welcoming access from Mantle Road as well as Coulgate Street (Brockley has 2 sides!)
  2. Provision of a paper recycling bin on Mantle road side of the footbridge (for those who exit station via the ticket hall and then go across bridge to Mantle Road).
  3. Making safe earth slips at either end of platform 1. At northern end of platform one the platform width is dangerously reduced by a slip.
  4. New and/or additional seats, particularly at London end of platforms 1 and 2 and in the ticket hall.
  5. Refurbished waiting shelters that shelter, i.e. have windows and a door
  6. Large new station signs at both ends of Coulgate Street with Brockley Road
  7. Indicator board that informs passengers how long the train will be and clearer signage as to where different length trains actually stop (on platform surface).
  8. Removal of bin by bike shelter in front of platform 2 exit as it always overflows.
  9. Regular cleaning of drain near bike-shelter (which often blocks up)
  10. More CCTV if we have to.
Access Issues
  1. Option to use level entry and exit to platform 2 from street at all times, not just when station is un-manned.
  2. Easy access to platform 1 from local footbridge and Mantle Road side of Brockley i.e without going up 1 flight of stairs and down an other flight of stairs (lots of people travel to and from Brockley with suitcases, pushchairs, and wheelchairs).
  3. Removal of rickety Victorian passenger footbridge and use of a double width pedestrian bridge for all train passenger and pedestrian movements.
Maximise Synergy with Brockley Common Development
  1. Urgent re-positioning of main door to ticket hall to the East Elevation to make use of new level access and to avoid the current passenger congestion and conflicts in front of the current door.
  2. External cladding in a sustainable wood on East and North facing elevations of ticket hall (as previously discussed with Southern Rail and Brockley Common Partnership).
  3. Removal of hording that disconnects passenger on platforms 1 and 2 from viewing and enjoying new Brockley Common planting.
  4. Agreement of new signage positioning with LBL/Brockley Common Partnership
  5. Bulb planting in grass embankments along platform 1 and 2(after deep clean) in association with Brockley Commoners.