Bone Marrow Donors Needed

The Anthony Nolan Trust and Crossways Academy are launching an appeal to encourage residents from Brockley and the surrounding area to register as potential bone marrow donors in a bid to help save the life of one of the thousands of patients currently looking for a match.

Every 21 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disorder, like Leukaemia or aplastic anaemia where often the only chance of a full cure is to have a bone marrow transplant. Fewer than 30% of these patients will find a family member with compatible blood stem cells to donate. For the rest, an unrelated donor is the only chance.

If you are aged 18-40 and in good health please come along to:

Crossways Academy, Sprules Road, Brockley, SE4 2NL
On Wednesday 18th March 3.30-7pm

To learn more about what's involved with donation, click here.

To read about people who've been donors, click here.


BrockleyBiker said...

This isn't clear: Is this thing to register as a potential or an actual sucking out excercise?

Brockley Nick said...

Register as a possible donor.

Anonymous said...

I want to register but it's tonight and I can't make it. I'll contact them separately.

quick brown fox said...

I registered years ago, but have never been asked to donate. Definitely a good thing to do, and I'd strongly encourage people to give blood and carry a donor card too. Such easy things to do, and yet could save lives - and there aren't many things you can say that about.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there are any restrictions placed on certain people donating bone marrow,like there are with donating blood?

Anonymous said...

yes, obviously.

b. said...

much more restrictions it seems - there was a (what seemed like) 20000 page questionaire to fill in on my previous health issues.

I went last night and they were shocked (to say the least) that an outsider (i.e. someone not at the college) had come. They kept asking how I knew about it and when i said 'Brockley Central' they looked at me like i was insane (the cycle gear, shaved head and tattoo's werent helping). So i said - 'the blog, you know - like the forum thing for brockley' - they then understood that - the main nurse was surprised anyone actually read it. surprises all round then.

Bit of shame it was such a poor turnout though. Oh well, hopefully my 'Crazy' marrow is good enough.

Anonymous said...

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