New Cross Co-Op Housing

As anyone who watches films will tell you, Co-Ed housing is about non-stop keg and toga parties and getting one over on the crusty old campus Dean.

We don't know if that's also true of the Co-Operative housing movement, but we like to think so.

With that in mind, here's an email we got recently:

We are a small housing co-op in SE London that is soon to have a vacancy in a 4 bedroomed family house.

We are looking for interested families who want to live in a co-op and believe in its aims and will be willing to be involved in its running who would like to apply for the vacancy.

We are advertising this vacancy to other co-ops that may have people wishing to relocate as we feel this will be a good way to ensure the people applying have a good understanding of and willingness to be involved in co-operative living.

We are also looking for places to advertise the vacancy that will link us with people in the local area that are looking for co-operative housing and wondered if it would be possible to put something on your site? If people want to get in touch, they can email me here.


Jo Ryan - Secretary, Dennetts Housing Co-op, New Cross, London


Names said...

I might do this when I am 60 but not in New Cross somewhere more genteel. In fact probably in another country, South of France would be nice.

Anonymous said...

The email link on this doesn't work.

Adarajames said...

Don't know why its not working, have asked Nick to fix it, but till then you can email


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