Royal Teas, Brockley Road [UPDATED]

BC reader "The Oracle" has been tormenting the good citizens of Brockley with conundrums worthy of the Riddler. On this thread, they wrote:

Riddle me this:

Royal but not Windsor,
Green but not 'witch',
Coming soon,
Under the Moonbow,

The answer, as Beecroft Alex was first to guess, is that Royal Teas of Greenwich are taking over the greatly-missed Moonbow Jakes. Royal Teas is an extremely popular Greenwich institution and it's great to see that entrepreneurs from other south east London hotspots are alert to Brockley's potential. That stretch of Brockley has been a sorrier place in Moonbow's absence, so this sounds like good news.

The proprietor Ray responded to our enquiries with this email:

It is true. We are presently trying to get all the paperwork done so we can complete and move into Brockley. We are very excited about this opportunity. We understand that Moonbows was a much loved place and we hope that our presence will not be a disappointment to the people of Brockley.

We hope to integrate into the local community just as Moonbow Jakes did. We would be very interested to hear your readers thoughts on what they would like to see us provide at Moonbows. Opinions on all aspects are most welcome - food / seating / price / garden / decor / drinks / opening times / events ....

As soon as the paperwork is finished I will then have a better idea of our opening date. I will keep you posted.

Thanks and good luck to Ray. And of course, thanks to our mysterious friend 'The Oracle'.


We've heard from The Greenwich Phantom (the friendly ghost) who confirms that this news represents the best of both worlds - Royal Teas will stay put in Greenwich and expand to Brockley.