Franklins, East Dulwich

157 Lordship Lane London, SE22 8HX
020 8299 9598

We tried this restaurant for Mother's Day. However patriotic we may be about Brockley, there is nowhere local that really fits the bill.

Parisien brasserie-meets-farm shop decor and hearty menu. The waiters were helpful and efficient despite the fact that every table was full and the bar area was heaving.

We had the roast beef and the sweet potato and courgette bake, followed by chocolate nemesis and the rhubarb pavlova. All were yummy, although the Yorkshire pudding was a little crispy for our taste. They could do with some form of children's menu too.


The arrival of spring has prompted us to visit the East Dulwich garden centre several times in the last few weeks. Lovely though it is, every pound we spend there is a pound we wish we could spend in Brockley - a place with so many keen gardeners and without a major garden centre anywhere nearby.