The shameless middle class food thread

BC reader Swifty was inspired by a thread in the Guardian to say:

Nick we need to have a thread like this on Brockley Central and it's best to deal with the discomfort head on and entitle it. "The shameless middle class food thread".

Now, we have never seen any comment from a BC reader that's remotely comparable to overheard comments like "the children are getting upset. Quick, where are the grissini?" or "they only have a middling Chardonnay in the mini-bar."

However, we understand that some people do regard anyone who wants more from their food than to be able to transport it in a greasy card box with a picture of a chicken on it as an insufferable tosser and an endless source of amusement. So, for those people, who are unable to distinguish between food sense and middle-class sensibility, we are happy to oblige.