Please sign the Coulgate Street Petition

In the last few days, we've had confirmation that Brockley Station will be refurbished, Brockley Common will be completed and Dandelion Blue is reopening shortly. By the time Brockley joins the tube network in little over a year, the area will be transformed.

But there remains one missing piece in the jigsaw. Coulgate Street itself. As the centre of Brockley's emerging commercial hub and the gateway for most visitors to the area, Coulgate Street is of vital importance to the area. But at present, it's jammed with cars, squeezing pedestrians on to cramped pavements and limiting the street's potential as a focal point for the community.

With a few quick, easy and cheap improvements, these problems could be solved. The Brockley Cross Action Group would like to create a pedestrian-friendly street by building a shared surface, lined with new street trees and new restrictions on parking. These restrictions could be introduced without having to bring in a Controlled Parking Zone for the wider area.

As part of this campaign, they have asked Brockley Central to create an online petition, so readers can register their support for the plan. Here is the petition - please sign it.

When Cllr Alexander visited the street with us last year, she and her team of officers immediately ackknowledged the challenge and agreed that action should be taken. This petition will be presented to Lewisham Council by the Brockley Cross Action Group in order to help turn sentiment in to action.

Thank you for showing your support.

And while we're talking about registering for things, please join the Brockley Central twitter at