Brockley v The G20

RICH -They are very tasteful drawings, Stu, and I'd ask you this question: Who is the real sick man in this so-called society?
Is it the ordinary, normal man who gets some harmless pleasure from stalking five innocent young women, and then possibly sending them drawings - that he's done himself...

STEW -You are sick!
RICH - Let me finish, Stu!
...of his winkie, depicted as a dragon. They're very tasteful, like a Marillion sleeve.

STEW -You are sick!
RICH -Is he the sick one in this society? Or... is it the businessman in his suit and tie - drawing up his expense account?
STEW -Well... it's the first one, Rich. It's the dragon-stalking-winkie bloke. That one, he's the sick one. The businessman has done nothing wrong.
RICH -Well, in that case, yeah. That wasn't a very good example.
STEW -You chose it!
RICH -Well, I didn't think it through!

- Richard Herring, Stewart Lee

While some in Brockley concern themselves with dog-poo stencils, traffic-calming measures and tree-planting, others will settle for nothing less than the overthrow of capitalism and an end to globalisation.

BC reader Graeme spotted this report (latest report, 09.45) on last night's BBC London News.

"If you were just passing by, you'd never guess that this rather grand house on this rather leafy street in Brockley was in fact the headquarters for the four horsemen of the apocalypse."

With that opening, the journalist strides in to a conservation area pile that Hugh has probably been circling for some time, but which seems to serve as the base of operations for a campaign led by Professor Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group, who has been a fairly regular fixture on the news in recent days, as the "Capitalism isn't working" campaigners threaten to disrupt the build-up to the G20 summit in London (well, Watford).

We were pleased to note that the house did not appear to have a satellite dish or any uPVC window frames.