Lewisham Litter Picks

Recently, the Campaign to Protect Rural England called for the revival of Saturday litter picks, to combat a 500% growth in litter on Britain's streets since the 1960s.

We asked Lewisham whether they facilitate this kind of work and the dutiful Cllr Walton passed on a reply from the Council's Strategic Waste & Environment Manager who said that they can and do:

My team can facilitate community litter picks (we do a health & safety talk too), as well as provide equipment - brushes, litter picks, bags, shovels etc. Colin Sandiford in my team looks after this side of things, but if he's not around then I'd be happy to assist too.

If anyone wants to organise one, please email BC and we will pass on your details to the Council. We may even join in.


Anonymous said...

Wish people wouldn't drop in the first place - and that our council tax paid for any restrospecitive tidy-ups required.

Brockley Nick said...

On the first point, agreed. On the second point, agreed but I think most people seem to think they do a decent job on that front. However, there are times / areas where problems seem to be persistent, particularly when litter gets caught up in bushes, etc and therefore gets ignored by the street cleaners.

max said...

In Lewisham there is an incredible number of bins where you can drop your litter and yet people just drop their stuff on the pavement. On occasion I saw people dropping litter on the floor just by the bin. Too busy twittering to realize that they're actually soiling.
There should be on the spot penalties, just to remind them that there are bins provided for litter. With only £10 for each offense Lewisham Council would collect a couple of millions each afternoon.

The Cat Man said...

assuming it can be policed without cost....

Anonymous said...

In LA and several other areas in california they have a zero tolerance policy and the roads are absolutely spotless. In fact they hose down the roads everyday so they are super-clean. I think you can be fined if you are found to drop litter. It only takes a few lazy idiots to create the problem. I pick up litter near my house and it comes daily-usually chicken cardboard boxes and beer bottles!

max said...

Last time I was in my home town of Trieste, Italy, I noticed that despite the fact that the bins were few and far between the streets were litter free.
I think that it's all really down to the fact that in Italy people don't eat as much take away food as here.
Maybe messages on the food containers asking people to drop them in a bin rather than sticking them in a bush could help.

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