The Big Lunch in Brockley, July 19th

Hippy - There was a lot of new energy in the room tonight and some of it was just so Rainbow Rhythms... and some of it was just so not Rainbow Rhythms.

Mark - You're talking about me, aren't you? Why don't you just say you're talking about me? I'm sorry if you assume that I eat red meat and don't necessarily think money or Tony Blair are a bad thing. But, if there isn't room here for someone who stands against everything you believe in, then what sort of a hippy free-for-all is this?

- Peep Show

Sorry we've not really been pulling our weight around here this last week - we have been consumed by a pitch process from hell, trying to construct an all-singing, all dancing PR campaign for somebody.

In fact, what we ended up proposing was not a million miles away from "The Big Lunch", which is the kind of thing which every marketing agency is trying to come up with these days. If you haven't seen it, it's a feel good, faux-grassroots campaign to get people to plan street parties next weekend. It's the sort of thing Brockley Central should like, but can't quite fully embrace.

Maybe it's the irritating ad (old people like video games!), maybe it's the zeitgeisty fusion of Jamie's Ministry of Food and Sarah Beeny's Streets Ahead. Maybe it's the sugary, Innocent-esque brand. Maybe it's the fact that it's the kind of thing we never manage to get past the pitch stage.

However, we wish the people who are actually organising events as part of The Big Lunch well and we've been meaning to get around to writing about it for some time.

The website is maddeningly unhelpful as a way of telling you what sort of parties are actually happening and while we've been contacted by a number of people who've said they're organising something, when we've written back to ask for more details, we've drawn a blank. So, we're not in the position to give you the full details, but we think that parties in Brockley will be taking place in:

Manwood/Salehurst Roads (this is a cert, as it comes from friend of BC, Patrick)
Wickham Road
Arthurdon Road (thanks to Fabhat for that tip-off)

If you're involved in the organisation of these events and want to let people know what you're planning, please feel to use this thread to post your comments and news.


Ladywell IC1 said...

Well, one of those roads is in Brockley anyway...

I know of several long-established street parties in Ladywell.

osh said...

@ladywell ic1 - great...

Meanwhile, anyone got any useful info?

Anonymous said...

There was a suggestion in the Hilly Telegraph that there would be something on maybe in Telegraph Hill Park on the 19th as part of this but I haven't heard anything further

Sarah said...

Manwood Road is Brockley - just the Crofton Park End.

I'm surprised to hear there's a party on it though as it's my street and I have heard nothing about it. Anyone want to enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

I'm attending a Big Lunch. I am not sure about the campaign though

ade said...

I heard that the team working on on the hillaballo festival are hosting a big lunch but can't find a link to any info

Tamsin said...

You possibly would not find anything as the essence of these events - from a session I went to about organising them - is that they are local. Basically, your street, your block - a chance to get to know your neighbours, not anyone from even the immediate area around who wants to toddle along and join in.
Hillaballoo is on the 18th - Saturday - varied stuff on a basic ecological/gardening theme in the Telegraph Hill Lower Park is, I think, the link. The organisers of that simply suggested that with "the big lunch" happening to be the next day why not have that as an incentive to go along to the park again for a picnic and the clay sculpture thing would still be there.

patrick1971 said...

Sarah - which part of Manwood Road are you on? The actual lunch itself is going to be on Salehurst Road, between Manwood and Ewhurst Roads, so I'm guessing only the part of Manwood Road between Crofton Park Road and Bexhill Road got leafleted.

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