The Brockley Mess - coming soon

Brockley Central regular PaddyOM has followed up on earlier reports that Greenwich favourite Royal Teas cafe was planning to open in Brockley, where once stood Moonbow Jakes.

Raymond, the propiertor told him:

"It is true, we hope to be opening at the beginning of August if all goes well. It won't be called Royal Teas but 'The Brockley Mess'.

"I am looking forward to meeting the good people of Brockley, I hope they will approve of the changes we have made to Moonbow Jakes."

We like the name, which as has already been pointed out, is a play on Eton Mess and continues the fine Brockley tradition of eccentric names such as Toadsmouth Too, Jam Circus and, of course, Moonbow Jakes itself.

Together with the regular signs of life inside Dandelion Blue, this is great news for Brockley.