East London Line Phase Two: Hope for Surrey Canal Road?

Phase One of the East London Line (which includes Brockley) is well underway, and plans for Phase Two (Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction) are firming up. The community north of New Cross Road were hoping they would be included in Phase Two, via the creation of a new station at Surrey Canal Road. Alas, the powers that be decided against this.

However there may be some small glimmer of hope. Lewisham mayor Steve Bullock has given permission for the council to campaign for the creation of the new station.

The station would provide direct access to Milwall Stadium for visiting and local footie fans, and provide transport access for people living across a swathe of Deptford, New Cross and Peckham.

Lewisham Council will now submit their case to Transport for London, and will work with local land-owners and residents to build public support.


Headhunter said...

Surrey Canal Road station still features on the ELL or Overground map on the TFL website, so is that map now incorrect? I thought Surrey Canal Rd station was gong to be an easy one to put in as it was simply going to be a reinstatement of Old Kent Road station which closed in 1911

Lou Baker said...

Sadly a station at Surrey Canal Rd is not part of the scheme. Nor are stations at Loughborough Junction or Brixton, even though the line goes right over the top of both of them. There's also virtually no new track (it'll have to share some very congested bits of railway) the line will no longer go to useful destinations like London Bridge and Victoria and the existing stations aren't even being properly refurbished.

You see, even more than ELL phase 1, ELL phase 2 is being done on the cheap. They are spending the absolute minimum amount of money possible and the service will reflect that.

Once again the people of this part of London are being shafted but the powers that be are doing it in such a nice way that most of us don't realise it.

But it will all become evident when Frankenstein's Line is up and running and we all get to experience just how bad this 'new line' really is.

Headhunter said...

Overall I think it's great that they're pushin through phase 2, even on a budget, but it would have been nice to have a station between Denmark Hill and Clapham HS, the line will pass throuh the defunct East Brixton Station which closed in 1976, it's a shame they couldn't reopen it.

Monkeyboy said...

What's the obsession with 'new' . With new signalling, which it will have, you can squeeze more trains on existing track - look at the service frequency. Are you expecting a new route? Where will that go? who's houses will you pull down? yours? a and who will pay? The fact that the line goes 'right over the top' is interesting but stations are not like car parks, they cost. Nothings perfect old boy.

Brockley Nick said...

Lou baker, monkeyboy actually builds railway. Do you think he too has been fooled because the 'powers that be' are employing excessive niceness?

Monkeyboy said...

I've never heard of TfL being accused of excessive niceness before. Prodigious stupidity and waste possibly, but never niceness.

Except me of course, I'm dynamic and cheap at twice the price.

david said...

I don't doubt that MB is dynamic and would probably be cheap at 4 times the price (me, I'm just cheap).

That aside, I do think that the fact that the new/re-jigged/whatever ELL2 line goes right where a stop could have been put in at Loughborough Junction and Brixton/East Brixton and nothing is being done is a bit sad. Especically as often what makes a line "useful" is where it stops and where it interchanges along the way rather than where it actually end up!

Likewise what was to have been Surrey Canal Road would have been useful to make it easier that swathe of SE London to access the new line.

So, while I'm very happy to see the new line (both phases 1 and 2) coming I do think it's a bit of a downer that stations initially on the plan have been discarded and that interchanges (especically in Brixton given the apparent geographic serendipity) don't feature. I can definitely see that these not getting built at this stage means that they'll either take another 15 years to show up or never come and if they do a big song and dance will be made about how much is being spent on SE London transport!

Oh - and my other ELL gripe is the ultra-cheap trick of saying that moving the new Shoreditch station about 200m from the old one means that it is now in zone 1!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely awful for the residents in the surrey canal area who have been constantly enduring through daily road closures and diversions for the last 2 years due to work on the ELL1. And many residents now have a very large unsightly iron bridge behind their house..ELL could have placed a more aesthetically pleasing bridge there like the one in shoreditch but i guess decided not to bother for the poorer people....this is so typical...only affluent clapham-ites (who have 2-3 tubes and clapham juntion station) & camberwell/denmark hill people will benefit from the suffering of the surrey canal people (who will experience constant upheaval for another 2-5 years until ELL2 is completed)

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