West Brockley neighbourhood watch scheme proposed

BC regular Catman writes:

Last night I received a leaflet from the Telegraph Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team about a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. It would appear that they are 'pushing' to establish one for West Brockley, including the roads Arica, Revelon, Finland, St Asaph, Avignon encompassing all in that area.

I was hoping you could post something on your blog about this. In my view it is a perfect way to bring the community together and to get to know your neighbours.

The Meeting is scheduled for:

30th July - 19.30 - 20.00.

Sector J Community Pensioners Club, Room 29, Gately House, Coston Walk, Brockley, SE4 2JF

If anyone has any queries, they should contact the safer neighbourhoods team on 020 8721 2722 or email telegraphhill.snt@met.police.uk