Deputy Mayor Heidi Alexander to step down

The South London Press reports that Lewisham's Deputy Mayor and Brockley walkabouter, Heidi Alexander is to step down to contest the Lewisham East seat, which is an interesting career move, at this time:

Lewisham’s Labour councillor Heidi Alexander hopes to fight the Lewisham East seat in the next General Election when MP Bridget Prentice steps down.

The cabinet member for regeneration said: “Residents in Lewisham may not have seen the last of me – though I am sure it will be a hard selection process.

“I have learnt a huge amount in my time as councillor and feel very privileged to have represented the people of Deptford.

“I have got to know lots of great people – both within the party and beyond it – and hope that I have made a genuine difference to our local community.”

Thanks to Patrick for spotting it.