Brockley: A conspiracy of silence

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
- The Usual Suspects

We have a friend staying with us at BCHQ, who opted to take the bus to Lewisham the other morning. Getting there was a simple matter of pointing her in the right direction on Lewisham Way and telling her to hail a bus. But getting back, she got a bit confused about which bus to take and which direction to head - no doubt, her head was still spinning from opening the box of delights that is Lewisham Shopping Centre.

She asked 6 different groups of people walking through the town centre how to get to Brockley. On a weekday morning in Lewisham, it's unlikely that any were tourists, but none of them knew where Brockley was, let alone how to get there. Defeated, she had to call us for help.

This is a conspiracy of silence that goes back generations, as Transpontine has shown. His site has evidence from the Pathe news archive, in which a 1917 film set in the heavily-built-up streets of Brockley, SE4 is attributed to Brockley, Suffolk (a tiny village, even to this day). In 1931, a "folding car" struggling up towards Telegraph Hill is attributed to Brockley, Somerset.

It's clear that by promoting Brockley, BC is messing with powers that it does not understand. We just have to figure out how all of this ties to the Knights Templar.