Boris unveils new ELL trains

Transport for London today unveiled the first of the 20 new trains that will serve the East London Line when it opens next year.

The trains will be similar in design to the majority of the tube trains serving London, but will be completely walk-through and air-conditioned.

The Mayor said:

“For far too long passengers on our Overground lines have suffered from crumbling unreliable trains that were just not up to muster. Every element on these brand spanking new trains has been crafted to meet the capital’s needs and the standard of design will surprise even the most hardened traveller. Air conditioning, walk through carriages and CCTV, combined with the completion of all the East London Line work by 2012, will revolutionise the London Overground network.”

The new trains will join 34 more, which wlll serve the rest of the London Overground network, that will form an orbital service by 2012, with the further extension of the ELL to Clapham Junction.
London’s Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy, said:

“By 2011 we will be able to add a fourth carriage, increasing capacity by 50 per cent. As we roll out this new fleet, we will continue our expansion of the line and our station improvements programme, which will make the former service unrecognisable.”

The new trains, which will be three-carriages long, will be able to carry almost 500 people. When Overground platforms are extended in 2011 to cater for trains four-carriages long, the trains will be able to carry almost 700 people each.