Brockley Open Studios, July 4th - 6th

Homer: This pea soup is as weak as the acting and nowhere near as hammy.
Lisa: Dad, that's so mean!
Homer: The other critics told me to be mean, and you should always give in to peer pressure. Lisa: But what if someone bad tells me to...
Homer: Always!

More than 40 local artists will be participating in the Brockley Open Studios, which takes place this weekend, from Saturday to Monday (click here for the times). This is the 17th annual event, which appears to go from strength-to-strength.

We know Brockley Kate bats for the Summer Fayre, but in our opinion, this is the local event of the summer.

Every year, someone with a fine art degree and a career in pen pushing emerges on to the pages of Brockley Central and declares the art on show at the Brockley Open Studios weekend to be mundane. And each year, they are wrong. Hopelessly so.

The Brockley Open Studios weekend is joyous - as memorable for the hospitality as it is for the art. There is a wide variety of work on display - some serious, some playful. The experience of exploring the neighbourhood with hundreds of other people is like a community treasure hunt, with the occasional bowl of complimentary crisps thrown in. And there are plenty of treasures to be found, if you are prepared to look.

Click here for the list of participating artists and click here for Brockley Sarah's review of last year's event.