Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You

"Well the Jerk Store called, and they're running out of you."
- George Costanza*

Time Out's Big Smoke Blog is compiling a list of new names for London's emerging agglomerations - or districts - to join the likes of Chinatown and Tin Pan Alley.

With your help, we'd like to propose one for Brockley - but what agglomerations should Brockley be most famous for?

Time Out's already assigned the title of "The Ukulele Quarter" to an area near Brick Lane - a title which Brockley has at least as much claim to, given that it's almost impossible to think of an event or venue in the area that hasn't been graced by the Brockley Ukulele Group.

So what else is there?

The Jerkstore ought to be a leading contender, given the range of Caribbean food options in the area and that Brockley can lay claim to possibly the only jerk bagel specialist store in London.

Studio City could reflect the fact that the area organises not one but two major open studio events every year, not to mention its arts and crafts fairs, community gallery, public art, The Telegraph Hill Festival, Brockley MAX and Hillaballoo.

Or, in honour of Brockley's uniquely-awful double roundabout, perhaps we could become known as Little Milton Keynes.

All contributions welcome - except for the first person to offer up Mungville.

*PS - we know we have used that quote before, but it works on so many levels...