Havelock Walk Open Studios - this weekend in Forest Hill

Not that all we've got to talk about is open studios, but if you missed out on last week’s art-fest in Brockley, or have a thirst for more, it’s Forest Hill's turn this weekend, in the form of Havelock Walk Open Studios.

Things are a bit different to the Brockley setup - with it being centred around one quirky street of live/work units, there's far less walking (and possibly less nosing around getting house-envy) but the quality looks to be just as high. It'll be our first time there, so expect a follow up in the next week or two.


Anonymous said...

Havelock Walk Open Studios May 2010 will take place on the weekends of 8th / 9th and 15th / 16th May 2010.

Jeni Johnson, an emerging young painter who lives and works on Havelock Walk, will install a 10ft x 8ft painting on MDF board at the top of Havelock Walk, continuing the tradition that has seen sculpture, photography and paintings installed in the public space of Forest Hill.

Visitors will also have the chance to win one of three original artworks donated by Eryka Isaak, Elizabeth Chisholm and Jeni Johnson for the price of a raffle ticket.

For more information see www.havelockwalk.com

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